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  • approaches to ea

    Typically, experts on enterprise architecture can be characterized by three approaches to the topic. Therefore, in the first step, I recommend that the architect among you reflect which of the three approaches most closely matches your personal methodological approach. For those of you in the business, I recommend that you make yourself aware which of the three approaches most closely matches the current approach in your business.

  • EA Cube

    The major motivation for using Enterprise Architecture Frameworks is certainly the desire of all actors in the company and across all phases of architecture development and use, to generate the greatest possible added value while at the same time minimizing costs by using good practice. One of the questions you may find familiar in this context is whether the added value of implementing the concept of Enterprise Architecture is large and sustainable enough to justify the effort involved.

  • ea benefits

    Based on the definition of Enterprise, Architecture and Enterprise Architecture it can be assumed that appropriate application of these concepts provides added value to the whole organization, to the complete enterprise. In my opinion, before discussing the benefits and added values a common understanding on the goals behind the application of the concept of Enterprise Architecture needs to be established.

  • Understanding the concept of Enterprise Architecture requires not only a fundamental understanding of architecture but also an understanding of the concept of an Enterprise.

    Relevant technical literature (e.g. TOGAF) provides the following definition:

    TOGAF defines Enterprise as any collection of organizations that has a common set of goals. For example, an Enterprise could be a government agency, a whole corporation, a division of a corporation, a single department, or a chain of geographically distant organizations linked together by common ownership.

  • Have you ever listened to or even participated in an discussion on Enterprise Architecture? You might have recognized that the participants in the discussion had no common sense on the meaning of Architecture to start with, most often than not without even knowing about this lack of common sense.

    Reasons are often not a lack of individual expertise but a lack of common expertise and common terminology. Consequently discussions on Enterprise Architecture either tend to be wasted time or not effective since a great amount of time needs to be invested to get a common understanding on expertise and terminology.